About B-Sides

Like most good stories, the idea of B-Sides originated from a lively conversation with friends over music and a few beers. An avid fan of all musical genres since the good ol’ days of vinyl records, we found that often the best songs played on the ‘B’ side. And so the name B-Sides was born along with a menu that features Burgers, Birds and Brews.

At B-Sides, we cook up Southern hospitality amid a friendly atmosphere enriched with an entertaining musical theme. If you’re in the mood for something a little stronger than our wide selection of domestic and craft beer, check out our ‘33’ room where you’ll find the finest selection of whiskeys in Franklin County. You’ll also want to capture a photo with the first and only LOVE sign listed in Rocky Mount, proudly displayed above our entrance.

Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy a quick bite before the concert, a casual meal with the family or a fun spot to host your next party, let the good times roll at B-Sides. Open daily at 11 am Tuesday to Saturday. Special hours for Sunday and Monday show nights. Conveniently located “B-Side” the Harvester Performance Center.


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